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Vorwissenschaftliche Arbeit über Straßentheater von Alina Mollay
Alina Mollay hat ihre Vorwissenschaftliche Arbeit über das Thema STRASSENTHEATER geschrieben und ich durfte ihr als Interviewpartnerin zur Verfügung stehen. Toll geschrieben und natürlich eine 1 bekommen! Danke Alina für deinen wissenschaftlichen Beitrag in einem jetzt noch sehr unerforschtem Feld.
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Artikel der Presse AUSGABE : Schaufenster 8.9.2017



Interview mit Radio Njoy! und Belle Etage, Chilifish und Storytellingfestival Austria

Artikel für ANA Glasnica Strassentheatermagazin des Ana Monro Theater Slovenien

Artikel von Sabine Maringer auf: the busking project, eine Webseite für StrassenkünstlerInnen

Link zur Seite von Belle Etage und Compania Tétaté beim Bundesverband für Theater im öffentlichen Raum

Sabine Maringer und Belle Etage im Quader das Magazin, ein Künstlerprofil

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Artikel für Ana Glasnica in English

Get your city back


with Ana Monro and Ana Desetnica!




Sabine MARINGER (AUT), street performer, cultural manager, drama teacher





THE CIRCLE and the street theater




In long times past, people were sitting in a circle around a fire, listening to the stories of their elders. This is the beginning of theatre and storytelling, a circle! A circle is a unique form. All are equal, there is no beginning and no end and try it yourself; it’s much easier to form a circle instead of a square with people. We have it in our genes. It’s a gift from our ancestors.




The only theatrical form that uses a circle for performing is the street theatre. People gather around artists to watch their show. And this is what street theatre makes so special – the circle, the origin of all gatherings. We are all equal when we are standing and sitting together in the street. Not the one with the most money or the so called “VIPS”, but the first on the spot is sitting in the first row. The artists is performing eye to eye on the same level like their audience, there is no stage separating the artist from the audience. And there is no so called “fourth wall”, the thin line that makes the theatre sometimes so unapproachable to us spectators. There is just a circle and somebody who is telling a story!




ANA MONRO and the street theater




Ana Monro makes the art form of the street theater visible and shows its national and international diversity. With the city as an event venue, Ana Monro wins the public space for the public back. Behavior which is usually not liked by the city administration is then allowed: people gathering for the purpose of pleasure, sitting on the street, making music and art in public space and for a moment changing the street from a place of transit to a place of resting and joy.




And when we speak of long ago times, the fire and the circle, the caravans of the artists who moved from city to city in the Middle Ages till now, what is the role of Ana Monro?


Ana Monro is the drum and the horn that echoes over the plains, is the herald of the new arrivals in the city, is the family who calls for the gathering. Ana Monro prepares the place and firewood for the story-tellers and their listeners and gives artists a hostel on their way through.




ANA DESETNICA a home for street arts




But okay, we live here and now in the 21st century and organizing a street theatre festival like Ana Desetnica means many hours of work and planning. It would be so much easier if we just could build a fire space, take a drum and here we go! But there is a lot more work to do: artist approvals, city permits, technical facilities, marketing, advertising, networking, financing, billing, employee coordination and being responsibility for an event of this size, because Ana Desetnica is performing in over 10 cities in Slovenia. From the beginning of January the team of Ana Monro is working with passion and their heart on realizing this event, an event that I so far understood is for the people of Slovenia, for the cities of Slovenia and its special needs and for STREET THEATER itself.




With the invitation of the Ana Desetnica artists earn money and as we all know, we need money to survive. But that is not everything. In many parts of the world it is forbidden to perform on the street, why?


Perhaps because you can’t control it?


Because there are other rules on the street like in the theater house?


Because the street is no longer a public place?


Because art is not free anymore?


Who knows!




But enough said! Bring your friends and relatives, and get your city back with Ana Monro and Ana Desetnica, and enjoy the art of the traveling folk, the jugglers and artists, the story-tellers and actors. Ana Desetnica is calling, do you hear the horns and drums?











Belle Etage ist Mitglied des deutschen Bundesverband für Theater im Öffentlichen Raum e.V