Belle Etage Streettheater from Vienna

Since 2010

Belle Etage was founded in 2010 by Sabine Maringer, MA and has performed since then in 13 different countries all over the world, with different acts and styles. But one thing all the work of Belle Etage have in common is : the love to our working field the public space and its unique atmosphere. Our shows are produced only for public spaces and with a lot of passion and love for the genre STREETTHEATER. Always having in mind that theater on the street is theater for everybody and low -threshold. Theater on the street can create a magic moment if one loves what he does - and we do!


Sabine Maringer / Verena Horsky

Time Traveller:

Gerald Lamprecht / Camilo Acosta Mendoza / Sabine Maringer

Tango? Si, Tango!:

Sabine Maringer / Camilo Acosta Mendoza


Sabine / Verena / Aurelia Eidenberger / Christian Auer

Sabine Maringer, MA

Master of Arts " Performing Public Space" - Straßenkünstlerin  Theaterpädagogin BuT - dipl. Kulturmanagerin

Mag,Gerald Lamprecht

Theaterpädagoge - Schauspieler - Sozialpädagoge - Historiker

Verena Horsky

Akrobatin - Zirkuspädagogin - Sozialpädagogin



Aurelia Eidenberger

Zirkusartistin mit Schwerpunkt Schlappseil - Performerin

Christian Auer

Performer - Tänzer - Physiotherapeut



Belle Etage ist Mitglied des deutschen Bundesverband für Theater im Öffentlichen Raum e.V